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This post accompanies a project I've put on Github that provides an example of how to use Behat & Mink to create automated browser based acceptance tests. By combining the concepts and tooling from Behavior Driven Development (BDD) with remote browser driver technologies, we will describe the desired behavior of a system and then transform these descriptions into test simulations running in real web browsers. The intention of both the demo project and the post is to highlight that:

  • Driving your acceptance testing process with BDD techniques is a valuable concept
  • Behat and Mink are a solid choice for implementing acceptance tests

The demo project consists of a web site that sells ascii art (The Ascii Art Marketplace) and a test suite that covers the features 'add to basket' and 'newsletter sign up'. It also contains a wrapper script that will run the tests in either phantomJS or Selenium, this can be useful when hooking things up with Continuous Integration (CI). For more info on using phantomJS with Mink & Behat see this section a bit further down.

In this post, I'm mainly providing some background and ramblings around BDD, why automating acceptance testing is so valuable and general information on Behat & Mink. If your already familiar with this stuff then you might want to skip straight to the github repo at https://github.com/pipe-devnull/mink-behat-acceptance-test-demo

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