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In Subverison, externals and vendor branches are used to include code from different repositories in your own projects. Externals are used when we want to include code but have no need to modify it and a vendor branch would be used when we want to include code that we also need to make custom modifications to i.e. for a bug fix / security patch that we cannot wait for the maintainers of the third party code to fix.

I've outlined three methods that you can use in git to include third party code:

  1. Git submodules
  2. Git Submodules with Upstream branching
  3. Fork and submodule
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Provisioning new Virtualbox LAMP development VMs from scratch can be dome with minimal effort using vagrant. By making this process easy and fast I can dedicate an entire VM environment for each development project I have on hand and be sure that my environment remains consistent. That last part is not new, we have been using VMs like this for years but in my experience the VMs often become too valuable because of the manual effort required for initial set up, provisioning software, and ongoing maintenance. Vagrant scripts enable me to build and destroy VMs several times a day at speed, as and when required - removing the manual overhead.

No more "it works on my machine" scenarios, keep development environments isolated and in line with production specifications.

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I've just added support for xhprof profiler into my base vagrant LAMP (PHP) stack . It automatically adds profiling to any PHP file that is served from the default virtual host (document root: /vagrant/www/) and includes a link at the footer of each page over to the xhprof output. Graphviz has also been installed so callgraphs are generated if you want something more visual.

The vagrant instance is available on github here: https://github.com/pipe-devnull/vagrant-dev-lamp

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